Thursday, February 09, 2012

CVS to offer free health screenings (big cities) in 2012

CVS will be offering free health screenings in the coming months.  According to CVS' press release, the free health screenings will target underserved ethnic populations (specifically African-American and Latinos); however, the screenings are open to everyone.  No appointment is necessary and all events will be held from 3-7 PM Monday-Friday, leaving time for you to stop by after work.

See an event schedule by city and find a store near you that will perform these screenings

The cities holding events are:  Los Angeles, California;  Miami, Florida; Washington, DC; Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX; Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA; Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; New York City, NY.  They also have events scheduled in Puerto Rico.

What type of screenings will be offered?  They've got several events lined up this year, including screenings during February (American Heart Month).  The next events will be held in April (National Minority Health Month), Immunization Awareness Month (August), Dental Hygiene Awareness Month (October) and Diabetes Awareness Month (November).

Right now, it's American Heart Month, so they will focus their screenings on heart health.  The screenings they will do for free are:  a free blood pressure check, cholesterol, BMI, and osteoporosis screenings.  CVS' site does recommend that you fast for 4 hours for the most accurate results.  A health care professional will go over the results with you.

If you live near any of those metro areas, be sure to check for a CVS near you that is offering the free screenings.  Know someone who could use this information?  Please use the sharing tools below to share this information with a friend or family member.
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