Saturday, February 04, 2012

My Walmart is *finally* clearancing out Christmas items at rock bottom

I slid into Walmart really quick last night to pick up some circular needles for my knitting and noticed that they finally cut the price from 50% off to more like 75% on some Christmas clothing that had been hanging around for a month.  I picked up some baby sleepwear for $2 (not Christmas, more of a winter theme) and a Christmas t-shirt for my daughter to sleep in for $1.  My best deal was a blue winter coat for $7.50 for ME!  Yes, me.  It was $20 originally, so I am pretty happy.  I lost a zipper on my double zipper coat and had been hoping to snag one on clearance.  Check your Walmart for winter clearance.  I was aghast to see itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie bikinis where winter clothes once were when I totally needed a coat!
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