Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pepe' Le Pew DVD review: The skunk you grew up with is back!

Title:  Looney Tunes Pepé Le Pew Collection

Release Date:  December 27, 2011

Studio:  Warner Bros.

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 My kids literally had no idea who Pepé Le Pew was until we watched Looney Tunes Pepé Le Pew Collection the other night.  17 cartoons shorts starring the very French skunk, Pepé, along with the poor object of his affections, the black female cat who always ended up getting painted to look like a skunk somehow.  What I found interesting was the earlier episodes didn't feature the female feline I'd always associated with Pepé.  One cartoon short I hadn't seen before had him giving chase to a dog dressed up in a fur stole that made it look like a skunk.

Still, it was nice to get reacquainted with Pepé!  This DVD ran for about two hours, which was probably a little too long for my kids.  If we were to watch it again, I'd opt not to watch them all in one fell swoop.  My daughter decided she didn't like him too much since he was 'too grabby.'  My son liked his antics and thought a lot of things were funny and laughed.  Overall, I think both kids liked seeing Pepé and finding out more about him (and finally getting some Looney Tunes references I've made).  They were also glad that the kitty did sometimes escape or turn the tables on her ardently pursuing love interest!

In Dog Pounded,  Pepé makes a very brief appearance at the end, with most of the cartoon featuring another feline -- Sylvester -- as he schemes his way into the dog pound to lay his paws on Tweetie.  Another episode that doesn't feature the poor French pussy cat is one of the first to air on the DVD and instead shows a classic Looney Tunes battle between two characters for a bed in the dead of winter.  So you get to see Pepé Le Pew give chase to his love interest and also have fun with other characters too.  Here's a YouTube clip to check out:

If you've missed Pepé too, you can purchase a copy of these 17 cartoon shorts at the WBShop at the Buy It Now link above.

I do wish it were a little cleaner to view, as I did see some black spots and flashes (like you would on an old projector) in nearly all of the episodes; however, all in all, the picture quality was fairly good.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the above-referenced DVD title courtesy of WB. I was not required to write a positive review, merely offer my insights on this DVD. I was not paid to write this review and the opinions are my own or derived from my family's experience in watching this DVD.
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