Saturday, March 10, 2012

50 SuperPoints referral link (good for 48 hours)

I won a 50 point SuperPoints invite link if anyone's interested! This is one use only. Click the link, sign up, and please complete to the Basic profile so I will get matching 50 SuperPoints. Benefits to you: You get way more spins on the Super Lucky button by being a basic member. This link is only good for 48 hours and is only good for one lucky duck. SuperPoints is invite only, so why not get rewarded with 50 points for joining?  
Here's the link for 50 SuperPoints (only good for 48 hours; expires at around 2PM on 3/12):
What can you redeem for?  Well, I have heard that Canadians have less options (Amazon and PayPal), but Americans have a ton of things to choose from including Amazon, PayPal, there's options to get Starbucks, Dominos, Home Depot, Walmart, and other gift cards, not to mention cashing in points for higher valued prizes like iPads and more.  I doubt I'll ever get that many points, but I definitely can use the Amazon gift codes!  It's a great way to plan ahead for money that you'll need for Christmas shopping.
Did you miss this special link?  You can still join and enjoy the benefits of SuperPoints by using this referral link: