Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free bag coupon at Wegmans 4/21

Who doesn't love recycled bags? I do!  Though I'm the first to admit that I often forget to bring mine into the store with me.  I was so proud of myself yesterday since I did remember to take my Wegmans freezer bags into the store with me, since I knew I'd be buying lots of frozen items.  This Saturday, April 21, between 11-3, you can get a free coupon for a free bag (99 cent value) at Wegmans by bringing in a plastic bag filled with plastic bags!  What a great way to clean out your bag hoard (guilty!) and trade in for a nicer, more eco-friendly bag.  I personally own several Wegmans bags and they are not only nice, but incredibly sturdy.  I am always amazed at just how much fits in and how much weight the bag can bear.  Here's a snippet from Wegmans' blog post on this great promo:

If you’re now ready to try reusable bags or need one more, you can get a coupon for one free bag (worth 99 cents)  in return for bringing back a plastic bag filled with used plastic bags.  Every store is getting a supply of 300 coupons for shoppers (one per customer) who want a trade-in, Saturday, April 21 from 11—3. Whatever bag you decide to use, know that you are doing your part to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Do what you can for the environment and don't be afraid to tell your bagger to stuff your bags full so you take home less plastic.  Another great tip I have is to sort your groceries when you put them on the conveyor belt.  I like all my cold items together, and find that they tend to bag them together too.  So having a stray cold item means it ends up in a bag by itself.  I have even gone so far as to re-bag once or twice and leave the extra bags at the store.

Do you have a favorite reusable store bag?  Which is it?  I don't like Food Lion's bags at all... they tear so easily.
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