Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vacation ideas for Central Jersey -- fun for kids, shopping for you!

Summer time brings to mind vacations.  When you have kids, you want to share with them the fun places and things that you did as a kid over the summer.  When we go back to Northwest Pennsylvania to visit family, we sneak in visits to places I went to as a kid on a field trip, or somewhere that I visited with my parents while growing up because it's an important connection to make.  Kids are always curious about what you did as a kid... even though they think you're as old as a dinosaur.  However, my husband is actually from Philly, the complete opposite side of the state, so many of his childhood memories are focused on New Jersey since the closest beach was the Jersey Shore and he spent a lot of time in New Jersey over the summer months when he was young.

Usually we tie history into our vacation plans and there's plenty of history in Central Jersey.  I'd want to visit the old churches -- perhaps St. Peters Church in Perth Amboy -- because I love old churches because they usually have ornate carvings and stained glass.  For Revolutionary War buffs, there's plenty of historical sites to visit. Many historical sites don't necessarily require admission, particularly cemeteries, churches, and public buildings.

For the kids, I'd probably take them to iPlayAmerica, an indoor theme park on a day that's just too hot for the beach.  They have a 4D theater and an arcade, and who doesn't like bumper cars?  Kids can even get $2 in bonus play for each A (up to 5) on their report card --- what a great way to stretch your family's budget!

After a day of fun there, I'd want to do some shopping for myself.  I like to buy new clothes when I go away, not just because I hate to pack!  There's just something about buying yourself something nice from your vacation destination that you will always remember later on, be it the best fitting pair of jeans or a chic purse that matches your favorite dress.  It's just such a splurge to shop for things while you're away from home.

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