Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Food to cost more this fall: Time to stockpile bacon, cereal, and

This summer's drought could bring higher prices for things such as cereal and bacon this fall, according to an AP article published today on Fox News.  In light of that prediction, stocking up on cereal now could help cushion the blow of potential higher costs just a few months down the road.  Typically, companies will offer special back-to-school sales meant to stock consumers up on snack foods and cereals at the beginning of the school year.  Cereal generally comes stamped with a sell-by date several months out.  Bacon can be kept frozen for about 3-4 months, according to a US government website.

Last year, I read a prediction about the price of peanut butter going up and that one came true.  I am kicking myself for not buying a case or two to keep on hand for baking and kids' lunches.

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