Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Starbucks $5 gift card offer for Keurig users

Ha ha!  If you read that headline, you will note that I said "Keurig users" and not "Keurig owners".  We don't have a Keurig at home at the moment (hubby is dying for one), but he does have access to one at work.  So what he does is he buys the K-cups that he likes and he takes them to work.  I'm sure he shares, but it's a great way for him to really try out the bold flavors of coffee that Keurig offers so he can eventually pull the trigger on buying a Keurig (or I get lucky enough to win one...)

The current offer is:  Receive a $5 Starbucks card when you purchase either:

  • two (2) 12-count packages of Starbucks K-Cup packs and/or Tazo K-Cups; or
  • three (3) 10-count packages of Starbucks K-Cup packs and/or Tazo K-Cups 
all together in one transaction by 9/30/12.  So you'd be buying a fair amount of coffee at one time, but you'd be doing it knowing that you could send in for your $5 Gift Card.

Here's a link to the offer (thanks to my friend Lisa for this heads up!):  $5 Starbucks Gift Card Offer

Have a friend who could use a cup of joe?  Please use the sharing tools below and share this offer with someone you know.
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