Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Food Lion Private Brand Sale: Some deal scenarios

Food Lion's private brand sale continues through 10/7, so there's still plenty of time to grab some items on the cheap.  Check out this post for a list of some prices for about 60 items. 

For me, I grab the normal Food Lion brand items that I typically buy.  That means milk and eggs and a few other standard items.  Then I pick a filler item off my price list and grab something I need or could use.

Last night I bought:

1 -- My Essentials Half gallon of skim milk -- $2.78
3 -- My Essentials plain vanilla 3@ .48  --$1.44
1 -- My Essentials large can of pasta sauce -- .99
1 -- Home 360 Free and Clear detergent on sale -- 3.49
1 -- My Essentials lemon dish soap -- $1.49
1 -- Home 360 40-ct dryer sheets -- $1.59

Total 8 items and got $2 catalina back.  I needed all of these items, though if I were one short to get the 8 to get the $2, I could have tossed on salt at .36 to get there.

Last week, all I needed for a quick stop was bread ($1.05), so I bought that and 3 salts and paid a $1 and change after rolling over my catalina.

Tossing on a roll of store brand paper towels at .67 could have worked too, as I have been stocking up on those also.  They're great to donate to schools or keep around the house and in the car for spills.

Cheap snack for the kids:  Yogurt.  Food Lions store brand yogurt is .48, so buy 4 and pay $1.96, getting a $1 catalina back.  I bought vanilla and my son tossed some Trix on top for a textured snack (though any cereal would work). 

My Essentials thin spaghetti is .89 for an 8 oz box.  Their store brand spaghetti sauce (26.5 oz) is .99.  My Essentials pot pies are .75 each.  Buy these four items and pay $3.38 and get a $1 catalina on your next order.  That's two dinners for under 3 bucks after catalina coupon --- great for small families or couples.
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