Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jingit update - still issues w/checking in, but watch videos on your computer

Back in May, I wrote this post about Jingit, lamenting that it was a total bust for me.  I recently started watching videos on the Walmart site and have had better luck, and thought I'd update you on my Jingit experience.

Best luck:  Watching videos on Jingit via the Walmart site

Recently, I've had good luck with finding a variety of videos (mostly General Mills products) to watch on Jingit via Walmart.com.  In addition to earning about .30 each video, I've also been earning 4 Box Tops for my child's school.  That's win-win and I estimate I'm probably responsible for about $5 worth in earnings for them this month alone.  Videos wax and wane in number, but check there a few times a week and hopefully you'll see the videos too.

To me, this is my best option as check-ins are hard for me to attempt.  My local Walmart is just over a year old and there's no cell coverage for me in the store.  I wish they'd get Wi-fi.  In fact, I may just tell the manager to get it because seeing all those QR codes throughout the store is just a tease.

If you'd like to join Jingit, know that you need a phone capable of receiving a text because that's how they verify you.  Smartphones are great too - you'd need one to do a check-in at a Walmart -- but sometimes there are videos on the app that I don't see on my screen at the Walmart site.

Referral link if you'd like to join:  https://t.co/RipAxMez

Looking for that pesky link to watch videos on Walmart?  http://instoresnow.walmart.com/jingit.aspx

Worst luck... still....

Back in May, I complained about the Jingit app not knowing that I was actually at the Walmart and deciding that I was more than a half mile away, which led me to not be able to check in.  This time, I downloaded a current version of the app from Google Play and tried my luck at the Super Walmart in Fredericksburg, VA (Central Park).  There, I was able to complete just a handful of check-ins, opting to go for the higher valued check-ins first.

Tostitos pizzas for $1 -- done.  That was an easy one to do and I heard the cash register noise to let me know that I was credited.  One more for $1 for checking in another product and I thought, wow, this is really going to work for me. 

The Yoplait yogurt for .50 --- fail! After viewing the list of possible check-ins (there were still almost a dozen), I decided to head to the cooler to check in the yogurt and when I attempted to take the check-in by selecting it from the list, it told me there weren't any check-ins.  ???  I didn't see some crazy woman running around Walmart with her smartphone in hand scanning these items just ahead of me.   Another issue was it let me scan an item and then gave me an error, prompting me to have to go back through the whole menu to look at the list, select the item again, and try the whole process all over again only to have it tell me that there were 0 check-ins available, refusing to update to show them again when there had to be some available. 

Since there was Wi-fi available, I re-downloaded the app after removing it and tried again with no joy.   Downloading took forever and I would never have done it on my data plan had there not been an open network.  Still nothing showed up... that is until I checked at my car after I went through the line to purchase what I had in my cart.

So, while it still thought I was a half mile away, at least it let me check in, but the connectivity issues still exist for me.  If you do try to do Jingit check-ins, be sure to grab the highest dollar ones first. 

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