Friday, October 05, 2012

Facebook and Twitter fans: Please subscribe

Please take a moment and subscribe by email so that you'll receive updates to my blog.  I prefer the daily digest format myself, and recommend that to my readers.

As a general rule, I post Facebook offers or those that will go quickly or have a time limit on them on Facebook.  The reason for this is because I don't want to clog up your daily digest with offers that probably are dead by the time my feed goes out (around 3 PM Eastern time).  I occasionally tweet out links to my Facebook posts for limited time offers.   I try very hard to direct link you from Facebook for those quick to deplete deals because honestly... it's annoying to me to have to click through to someone's blog to just get redirected back to Facebook.  Page load time is precious, particularly for short-lived deals.  I hope that you appreciate that.  Yes, blog traffic is nice... but so is not wasting people's time when time is running out on a deal.

However, I have seen my readers drop significantly.... and now Facebook is offering me the chance to promote posts --- at a cost --- which is simply money I don't have.  The reality is that I do this for fun.  Yes, sometimes I earn money from ads, sponsored posts, or other opportunities.  But trust me when I tell you that what I "make" here is well below any poverty line.  I resent that Facebook forced me to have a "business" page just so that they could find a way to not show those who hit the like button my posts... unless I pay.  The ad revenue from impressions for having every single one of my 2,300 Facebook fans come on over to see a single post is not cost effective.

To that end, I ask that if you enjoy my posts over at Facebook that you give a subscription to Making Ends Meet a try.  Not all deals I post here go on Facebook and Vice Versa.  Same goes for Twitter.  So please give it some thought.  A subscribe box is below -- be sure to click the confirmation email that Feedburner sends.

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