Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kroger Cart Buster sale: Buy 5, Save $5 haul of a friend (picture!) #MyBlogSpark

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Kroger has their Buy 5, Save $5 promotion going on during their Cart Buster event.  The Buy 5, Save $5 items are General Mills products and my friend Kay was able to save big.  Many thanks to General Mills and Kroger, through MyBlogSpark, for providing me with an extra gift card to share with her.  She was thrilled to accept my challenge to plan her shopping, bust her cart with deals, and then report back to me with a list of what she bought (plus she sent a pic!)  Here's what she bought at her Smith's (a Kroger affiliate):

Honey Nut Cheerios (17 oz) $2.50 - $0.60 coupon = $1.90
Cocoa Puffs (11.5 oz., I think) $2.50 - $0.60 coupon = $1.90
2 boxes of Golden Grahams 2/$5 – 2 $0.75/1 coupons = $3.50
2 packages of Betty Crocker Pouch Cookie Mix 2/$5 – 2 $0.60/1 coupons = $3.80
2 boxes Fiber One Oat granola bars 2/$5 - $1/2 peelie coupon = $4
1 box Fiber One chewy granola bars $2.50 - $0.60 coupon = $1.90
Pillsbury Frozen Biscuits (12 ct.) $2.50 no coupon, my kids just like them
2 boxes Old El Paso Taco shells = 2/$2
1 package Old El Paso taco seasoning $0.79 – Free coupon off taco seasoning wyb 2 other items -$0.79 = free
4 boxes Betty Crocker potatoes 4/$4 – 2 $0.50/2 coupons = $3
1 Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1.25 no coupon
2 boxes Ocean Spray fruit snacks 2/$4 - $0.50/2 coupon = $3.50
1 packages Chex Mix $2 - $0.50 Kroger digital coupon = $1.50

Unexpected savings she wasn't counting on:  She had several coupons loaded on savingstar and will get $3 back from that (BC cookie mix $0.50, BC potatoes $0.50/2, Chex Mix $0.50, Cocoa Puffs $0.50, Fiber One Bar $0.40, and Old El Paso $0.60/3)

She did two transactions and paid $9.32 for the first transaction (2 taco shells, 1taco seasoning, 4 BC potatoes, 1 cake mix, 2 boxes Ocean Spray fruit snacks, and 1 Chex Mix) – She had a $1.25 Catalina that she put towards it and 2 $0.50 ecoupons went through as well as the paper ones (She didn’t know that she had those ecoupons) and got back $10 in Catalinas.

The next transaction she paid $10.18 after using all her coupons and the 2 $5 catalinas from the first transaction, and she received 2 more $5 catalinas.

So, in total, she spent $19.50 out of pocket and used the gift card to cover those purchases, and even had a few bucks left on the card (plus has $10 for her next transaction).  She told me she already had plans to go back for more deals before the sale ends.

She also gave me a list of items not advertised, but that she said were part of this sale at her store:

Wanchai Ferry frozen dinner $5.49
Green Giant Value Size (24 oz.) 2/$5
Green Giant Just for Me 2/$5
Pillsbury Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches 2/$4
BC frosting $1.59
BC Shake & Pour Brownies $2.89
Fiber One (Brownies, Chewy, etc.) 2/$5
Gold Medal Flour 2/$5
Pillsbury Grands Frozen Biscuits (12 pk) 2/$5

I think she did great! 

Disclosure:  Information and a gift card were provided to me by Kroger and General Mills, via MyBlogSpark to facilitate this and a previous blog post.  I was also provided with an additional card to share with a friend.

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