Friday, October 12, 2012

Renting College Textbooks Can Save You 40-90% off Book Store Prices

It's been a few years (OK, more than just a few...) since I stood in line at the book store at college and handed over what amounted to a small fortune for college textbooks.  Bear in mind, that was pre-Internet days, so there wasn't much I could do to save a few dollars, except to buy used books and hope (with fingers crossed) that the book store would buy my text back at the end of the semester.  Fast forward a generation, and saving on college text books -- up to 40-90% in savings -- is a lot easier to do by using a to rent your books instead of paying outrageous prices for them at the campus book store.  With college tuition so high, it just makes sense to find other creative ways to save on college costs.

How does work?  Check out this short YouTube video to learn more.

One of the best aspects of renting your college text books via is that shipping is paid for, both ways.  When you're done, you just send them back in their pre-paid envelopes.  So easy to do --- no standing in line at the post office.

There are also flexible rental periods that help you rent for the period that works best for you, whether you need to rent books for a whole semester, a quarter, or even for a summer class.  They even have a grace period --- just in case you have a late exam and need to hold onto the book a little longer than you expected.  That grace period also covers you in case you want to rent a little early to thumb through the text before classes start.  Are you a highlighter?  I always was way back when!  You're allowed to highlight in the texts that you rent from, something that you might not want to do in purchased books because it affects re-sale value (trust me on this one...) 

Cost comparison - I priced Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization and Support (9th edition) by Roberta M. Berns at (rent) and (to buy). price (to buy): $98.89; price (to rent): $29.17 = savings of $69.72 (Nearly 71% savings Wowza!)
I encourage moms, dads, and students to price out rental versus purchase options for college text books in advance of the next semester/quarter.  The savings can really add up. 

A company that gives back! is a company that gives back.  A portion of book rental proceeds go to a worthy charity every year and this year they are committed to supporting the efforts of Operation Smile, an organization that performs cleft lip surgeries on children whose parents can't afford this life-altering surgery.  One of my cousins was born with a cleft palette and let me tell you, you'd never know it now.  She has just a very faint scar, one that you might just assume was from a normal kid accident.  So I know first-hand how much surgery such as this can mean to a child and their family. 

So what do you think?  Is renting college textbooks on your radar as a money saving tip?  Leave a comment below.  I'm curious what you all think!

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