Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fashion Angels Toys for Tween girls {Review of Color Rox Hair Chox}}

Blue streaks, courtesy of Color Rox Hair Chox
Many of my daughter's friends actually are coloring their hair --- at 11!  One has bleached out bangs, while another wears her long, brunette locks with shocks of dyed red hair.  So I've heard it a million times if I've heard it once... she wants to dye her hair.

I don't even dye my own hair (and trust me, the grays are there).  It just seems so permanent and if something goes wrong... well, it can take a long, long time to grow out (at which point I will reference the bangs she cut in her hair in 2nd grade that took the whole school year to grow out).  But still it is hard because you want them to fit in, or at least be allowed to show their personality a little bit.

These pictures show her use of Fashion Angel's Color Rox Hair Chox, using the blue chox.  She was dressed up for Halloween and chose the color to match her outfit, though it didn't show up very well in her hair because it's a golden brown. 

When she first tried Fashion Angel's Color Rox Hair Chox, she loved the pink.  She wore it in her hair to school the first time and it was an immediate sensation.  Suddenly, all of her tween friends were asking what the product was and how they could get some.  Sleepovers?  The girls choxed up their hair.  I was sure to tell their moms that it washes right out.  Her blonde friend had the best results with color, but that's because she's.... blonde!  These colors do show up best on lighter hair, though it may take a bit more product for the darker-haired to get the effect.

Overall, she loved the product and how it made her look.  It gave her a little freedom to show some personality without the permanence of a dye.  She changes the color of streaks to suit her mood (and wardrobe).

The only real issue we had was that when the chox got too smooth from use, they didn't like to go on.  The spongy piece wasn't very useful either.  But if that happens, you just need to rough up the chox on a piece of paper.  Application can be a little tricky, so you may need to press hard to get it the hair.  Definitely wet it!  It will go on much easier.

Affordable?  Why yes it is.   You can purchase Fashion Angel's Color Rox Hair Chox for $11.99 from the Fashion Angel's website.  They also have many other fashion items that will appeal to tweens.  Be sure to check out their Best Sellers to see what's hot.

Disclosure:  Fashion Angel's provided me with a complimentary product sample so that I might try it with my tween.  Though the item was free to us to try, the opinions are 100% my own or related to my daughter (and her friends') use of the product.  My thanks to Fashion Angel for giving me this opportunity. 
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