Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kellogg's Family Rewards IWG - win points (plus get points for daily tweeting)

If you collect Kellogg's Family Rewards Points, be sure you play the Kellogg's Family Rewards Prize Pantry instant spin game on Facebook.

You receive 3 spins per day.


54 total grand prize winners of $200

KFR points 
  •  1:13 odds - 50 KFR points code
  •  1:5 odds - 20 KFR points code
  •  1:25 odds - 100 KFR points code

Sure thing:  Once you play, hit the tweet button and tweet out the game to your followers and you'll receive a code for 10 KFR points in your email.  You can tweet one time per daily, so you can rake in the points over the duration of the contest, which doesn't end until 12/21.

Have you won?  Let me know in a comment!  So far, I've won one 20 point code.   Watch your spam folders as the 20 point code came to my inbox, but the 10 point code went to my spam.

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