Tuesday, December 04, 2012

$39.00 2GB iPod Shuffle at Walmart.com

Walmart.com has a deal on the 2GB Apple iPod Shuffle --- get a Shuffle, plus an accessory kit for $39.00.  This is about $10 less than most retailers.

What you get for $39.00 is a Shuffle, one of the color options in the infographic below, plus an accessory kit that includes various charging cables.  There is a different accessory kit available, but it will cost you $18 more.  The one you can choose free with the Shuffle has a car charger, a USB for syncing, a dust cloth, and audio splitter and more.

The Shuffle might be best suited for a child as these clip on.  We got one for our daughter several years ago.  Just be sure you don't wash it!  2GB is not a lot of storage space, so perfect for a younger child who isn't going to need a vast library of songs.
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