Thursday, December 06, 2012

Best Buy card out of stock at My Coke Rewards -- tips for getting the cards you want

Gift cards are a hot item at My Coke Rewards, with them releasing one reward per day until December 12 as part of their Holiday Rewards promotion.  In scanning through the My Coke Rewards Facebook page, there are some upset folks who have missed claiming gift cards --- at the wee hours of say 7 AM Eastern time.  You see, by then, they're all claimed.  So, those who work or um... sleep, are missing the rewards.   Here are some tips to getting the cards you want...

Take a look at the list below as it lays out what's upcoming.  Tomorrow should be the AMC 2 tickets 2 drinks reward.  The last $25 card  at 600 points is Home Depot on December 8 (Saturday).  The rest of the rewards (save the Coke coupons and the Shutterfly code) will only appeal to people who have a lot of points.  These are the people who have hoarded their points all year or have an endless supply of codes... not your average user.  Remember, points are capped at 120 per week, so even maxing out each week, it takes well over a month to get enough points for a $25 card.  The competition will be stiff for that last $25 card.

So, set your alarm for midnight Eastern if you are an East Coaster or make sure you're there with bells on at 9 PM Pacific.  I, myself, got out of bed at 12:07 last night to work my way through the screens to secure the Best Buy card.  The site was slow and the lag long, but I did finally get through.  Expect the site to be bogged down, but don't give up until you make it through.   Bleary eyed East Coasters are competing with fresh as daisy West Coasters since they are 3 hours behind.  Hang in there for your prize.

Secondly, last weekend, I got the $25 Walmart card before 10 AM on a Saturday.  Some may sleep in or be out somewhere else on a Friday night, so competition for that last $25 card might not be as fierce.  It's a gamble to sleep in though as the early bird does get the worm and if you truly want the reward, you will need to get on in the wee hours of the morning on this side of the country.

Don't forget to keep entering your codes as the very last day the MCR site is bound to be hammered with users wanting to claim for Coke coupons.  It's limit 4, so expect to run through the screens four times.  However, a lot of people will want this reward and you may want to stay up late for this one too.  I expect the Coke coupons to sell out quickly.  The positive side is that if everyone is trying for the larger gift cards, they may only have a few points available and won't be able to max out on 4 coupons.  I, however, took a look at my balance and made sure I have 120 points to spend.  Truly, I did not want a $5 Arch card when four Coke coupons is worth $20.  So bear that in mind when you're planning to spend your points.

Afraid you'll forget?  Use your email's schedule program to send you an email or a pop up to remind you. 

Dec 1 - $25 Walmart card at 600 pts.
Dec 2 = $5 McD Arch Card at 90 pts.
Dec 3 = $10 Dominos at 180 pts
Dec 4 = $25 Nike e-card at 500 pts.
Dec 5 = $25 TJ Maxx card at 600 pts.
Dec 6 = $25 Best Buy card at 600 pts.
Dec 7 = AMC 2 tickets, 2 drinks at 470 pts.
Dec 8 = $25 Home Depot at 600 pts.
Dec 9 = $50 Southwest card at 1,200 pts.
Dec 10 =$50 Bass Pro at 1,200 pts.
Dec 11 = $20 Shutterfly at 200 pts (don't forget, once you enter 5 codes, you will be presented with a special offer for $20, so bear that in mind)
Dec 12 = 12 pack of Coke products coupon for 30 pts. (limit 4)
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