Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner Orange {Review}

Carmex recently launched a new every day orange-flavored lip conditioner and since I'm a part of their blogger outreach program, they sent me some to try out.  I use lip balms every day and tend to keep them handy in my car, purse, bedside stand... because I can't stand my lips feeling dry.  I use a lip balm every night because toothpaste dries out my lips.  What better time to replenish your lip's moisture needs than right before bed since you won't be eating or doing other things that remove the protective balm from your lips? 

So, to say I am an avid user of these types of products --- particularly the Carmex brand -- is an understatement.

What did I think of the new, everyday lip conditioner with its 13 moisturizing ingredients?  Well, I loved the light orange scent.  It reminded me of a Creamsicle -- you know, that orange ice cream filled popsicle?  So a very pleasant scent.  Like the package states, it's non greasy too.  They do recommend the product for use under a lip stick (alas, I don't wear lip stick), so I can't say how it would work for that.  It did wear off quicker than I would have liked during the day, but the weather is colder and my house a lot drier than other times of year.  However, I found it great for overnight use.  My husband didn't mind his goodnight kiss as my lips weren't greasy.  <-- a="a" big="big" book="book" his="his" in="in" p="p" plus="plus">
Other Carmex happenings...

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Disclosure:  I am a member of Carmex's Blogger Squad and received a free product sample to facilitate this review.  Information was provided to me, but the opinions are 100% my own.  

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