Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Master Lock TSA-Approved Luggage Lock Review, plus safety reminders!

Can you believe the holidays are upon us already?  With the holidays, for 34% of Americans, that means 1-3 nights away from home because of travel.  Are you doing the right things to not tip off a would-be burglar that you're not home by being a little too social friendly?  Letting newspapers pile up?

The folks at Master Lock want to remind you of a few safety tips as you finish wrapping presents, pack your luggage for that trip home for the holidays, or finalize your New Year's Eve plans.

1.  Keep that lived-in look.  Even though you're gone, your house should look like someone is still there.  That may mean keeping lights and TVs on (hey, the cats won't mind watching Animal Planet), or stopping your mail and newspaper, even if it is only for a few days (check into Newspaper In Education's (NIE) vacation program with your local paper).  My neighbors kept an eye on things for us and we did the same for them. 

2. Toast, Don't Post!   Snapping that pic and posting it to Facebook may seem like a cool thing to do on New Year's Eve, but you might be alerting a criminal that you're not home (and that pic you Instagrammed of your new HDTV on Christmas... not a good idea either since they now know you aren't home and that you just got a cool, expensive gift for Christmas.) Be careful what you post on all of your social media, even twitter.  Besides, you don't want your boss to see you glassy-eyed and a little tipsy if they're on your friends list.

3. Lock it Down and Carry It On Be safe when you travel. Did you know that 200 items are stolen each day from airports?  Don't be a victim.  Keep tabs on your luggage and keep them locked and secure with a Master Lock TSA-accepted luggage lock.  Even your carry-on as you never know when they will take it from you on the plane and insist on storing it at the front of the plane, even though you are seated in the back (had that happen to us once).  Since your carry-on likely includes your valuables you aren't willing to check, a luggage lock for every piece of luggage that you're taking with you is a good idea.  A locked case is a deterrent to would-be crooks because it's no longer an easy target.

Now on to the review!  I bet you were wondering if I'd ever get here...

We have no big plans to travel this year, but when I was offered the chance to review a TSA-Approved Luggage Lock from Master Lock, I pounced.  My husband travels from time-to-time, though I had a different idea in mind for the luggage lock they sent me.... take a look!

No, that's not my combo ;)
No peeking!  Locked up tight!

Good thing the kids don't read my blog ;)  One place my kids won't look for presents is in our luggage.  And they sure won't look with it locked up tighter than a drum with a TSA-Approved Master Lock Luggage Lock.  See that diamond design on it?  That tells the TSA that it's an approved lock.  They have master keys and are able to get into your luggage and then leave you a note letting you know they rifled through your belongings in the interest of public safety.

The one thing I had a little issue with was setting the combination.  You have to push button B on the bottom and then move the dials to your desired combination while holding onto it.  That was a little tough, but manageable.  Bear in mind: You aren't likely to be changing your combo very often. 

The flexible cable allowed me to get it through my zipper quite easily.  My husband worried that the though the cable felt secure that someone might still be able to cut the cable.  I suggested to him that the chances of someone getting through airport security with bolt cutters isn't very good.  The lock felt  secure, and trust me when I say he tried to rip and tear at it to break it off. And failed.

The Master Lock TSA-Approved luggage lock I received comes in other colors other than red for the fashion conscious.  Check them out here.

Stocking stuffer idea:  This would be an ideal gift as a stocking stuffer for the traveler or student in your home. 

Disclosure:  Master Lock provided me with information, as well as lock, given to me at no cost for the purpose of this review.  The opinions are my own or my husband's, as they relate to our use of the product.  I was not compensated to write this review.

Have any other travel safety tips you want to share?  Please leave them in the comments below.  Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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