Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Prices on the rise --- What are you noticing costs more?

A topic up for discussion among a group of couponers that I know is the sticker shock we are suffering when we head to the store.  A friend noticed a 50 cent increase in cold medicine among other price jumps and a few weeks ago I was chit-chatting with a Food Lion worker who was changing price stickers who confessed that it had been the third week in a row that she'd gotten new stickers to put up that reflected a price increase.  She was just as tired of raising prices as I was of seeing new stickers showing a higher price.

For me, meat is the one thing that I've noticed going up in price --- and not going on sale as often.  Bacon in particular!  I love bacon and am fairly brand loyal because I refuse to pay for fat instead of meat, which is what most cheaper brands offer in their packaging. 

Which price increases are burning your buns?  Please leave a comment letting us know what price increases you've noticed in products you purchase regularly.
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