Monday, December 10, 2012

Walmart's Green Monday: 55" TV sold out, but still other bargains

You snooze, you lose (literally):  The highly toted HDTV that Walmart promoted last week as a mystery brand TV marked down $600 ended up being an LG.  It's 7:00 AM Eastern and it's already gone!  There are some other bargains though, other than the ones I highlighted last week.

Electronics-wise, there's a Tablet for $99 that seems to have good ratings, a iPod Touch with accessories for $179, Xbox Skylanders for $179, iPad 2 16GB tablet (wifi) for $382, a Nabi 2 (wifi) kid's tablet for $199.99, Xbox 360 Value Bundle for $249, an LG 47" TV (you have to sign in and put it in your cart to see the price) for $598 ($100 savings, plus you get free shipping or ship to store).

There's also an RCA 40" TV for $299.98, Toshiba laptop for $328, Wii U bundle for $379, PS3 Gamer Bundle for $259, Nikon Coolpix Camera for $79, RCA home theater for $79, LG Blu-Ray player for $39.98, RCA .7 cu feet microwave for $39.97, Sony Portable Slim PSP-300 for $99, Sylvania Dual Screen Portable Queue for $49.

Other gifty items:  Sonicare Essense E-5300 for $30, Gift Set Bundles for $12 (choose 2)  and an HP DeskJet for $24.

See all 104 items by going here.
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