Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Young Justice Invasion: Destiny Calling Season 2, Part 1

Title:  Young Justice: Destiny Calling (Season 2, Part 1)
Length:  2-Discs, 10 episodes (about 3 hours run-time)
Available:  Now (released January 22, 2013)
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The Young Justice squad is back in Young Justice Invasion: Destiny Calling (Season 2, Part 1).  This two-disc, 10 episode serial will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Here's a taste of this season's action:

What our family likes about Young Justice is the intricate and well-plotted story line.  Not just this season, but every season.   I definitely get a sense that a lot has gone into character development, with a believable story line with plenty of twists and turns that will leave you wanting to watch the next episode.  Super Heroes aren't perfect, and they have some real challenges to overcome (confusion over how to feel as a clone, a scarab on your back, you know, normal teenage things!) in their personal lives in addition to working to save the world from a secret alien invasion. 

We also liked that the writers found a way to get the adult super heroes out of the way and to let the younger generation shine.  The plot includes multiple generations of super heroes, so you can still see the established heroes you've grown up with, along with a newer generation ready to take the mantle of responsibility for defending our planet against the next villain (or, in this case, an alien invasion).

A bit of irony is that the forces of darkness are called "the Light", something we adults picked up on quickly, but the kids not so much.  There's a good mix of wry and adult humor in there that just adds to the complex and engaging story, but the story isn't so complex that our kids can't follow along.

Overall, two big thumbs up!  I can't wait to see the second half of Season 2 to see how the rest of the story unfolds.

Disclosure:  My thanks to Warner Bros. who provided me with a complimentary copy of Young Justice Invasion:  Destiny Calling (Season 2, Part 1).  Though the DVD was free to me for review purposes, the opinions are 100% my own or are related to my family's experience with this product. 

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