Friday, March 15, 2013

Changes: Staples Rewards now 5% on everything + big change on ink rewards

Today, 3/15, Staples rolled out a new tweak to its Staples Rewards program.  Here's a bit about some changes you can expect...

1.  You can now earn 5% on everything you buy, both online and in-store.  Nice!  You need to earn at least $10 a quarter.  Anything less and you lose it.  Bummer for those who don't spend there consistently.  I can only suggest that you keep an eye on your rewards balance.  However, with 5% back on purchases, it is more likely than not that most people won't lose any accrued balance rewards under this rule.  Screen cap from TOS below.

2.  Ink Rewards is a little different.  You still can turn in up to 10 spent cartridges per month, but you only earn the $2 rewards so long as you've spent $30 on ink in the past 180 days.  I imagine this is to deter people who don't regularly shop at Staples for ink from bringing in their ink and then not buying any themselves.

From the new TOS:

What do you think?  Do you think this new system will make you want to shop at Staples more often?
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