Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chocolate prices on the rise: How to save on chocolate candy

Marketwatch reports that chocolate prices will soon be jumping up at a store shelf near you.  Both Hershey (+8%) and Mars (+7%) will be hiking prices to adjust for rising costs.  I have read before that chocolate is recession proof in that most folks aren't put off by price hikes too much and that even in a bad economy, they view chocolate as a "treat" that they can afford to splurge on just a bit.

What can you do to avoid the cocoa crunch?

1.  Keep an eye out for sales and stock up when you see special offers at places like CVS/Rite Aid, who often advertise candy bars at B1G1. By the same token, know where not to buy.  Convenience stores typically do not offer the best deal.  I was once told by someone who worked at a convenience store that none of the products she checked in from a truck had a profit margin of less than 200%.  There's a reason that candy bar costs $1.89 instead of 99 cents!

2.  Be on the look out for candy coupons --- especially around Halloween.  You may be used to a full sized Snickers Bar, but buying the fun size and eating two may actually be cheaper.  Target often has printable coupons, but be sure to keep an eye on too for great deals.

3.  Stock up after holidays on chocolate.  Those fall wrappers on Hershey's Miniatures do not subtract from the flavor at all.  Don't be put off by the wrappers and save money by hitting the clearance right after Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter, etc.

4.  Make your own.  Try making your own Mr. Good Bars by buying chocolate in bulk, melting it down, tossing in some crushed peanuts, and letting them set.   Many craft stores offer coupons, so don't forget to check places like Michael's and AC Moore's for chocolate discs too.  They often have great coupons for 25% off  one item.  Also,  baking molds for candy bar making are available at Amazon for under $10.

5.  Always pay attention to unit price.  Compare price with weight and determine which package actually has the best price per ounce. 

6.  Follow your favorite brands on social media so you will be aware of any promotions, contests, instant win games, special offers, etc.

7.  Have a "scratch and dent" type of store near you?  Did you know that chocolate may discolor (turn white) if it's not kept at its optimum temp?  That white does not affect the taste!  I once scored a ton of Reese's Peanut Butter cups for 10 cents each at that store.  The tops were a little white, but they tasted just the same.  Don't be put off by dates if the discount is deep enough.

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