Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Walmart Savings Catcher is finding me savings

Recently, I posted about Walmart Savings Catcher, which at first was a beta and is now available nationwide.  Basically, you enter your receipts (up to 7 per week) and within a week of the purchase date, onto their Savings Catcher website and wait for them to process your receipt.  They will compare products you purchased with competitor pricing and see if you overspent at Walmart.  If they find that you could have gotten it cheaper from a competitor, you earn that money back, which you can transfer to a Walmart e-gift card or save up and transfer to a Walmart e-gift card at a later time.

I entered three receipts from the past week and found three emails in my inbox this morning.  One let me know that they couldn't find lower pricing on the items I purchased.  I logged into the Walmart Savings Catcher site and saw an accounting of the receipt showing that the bleach I bought was a penny cheaper than Food Lion, and that the Dr. Pepper was .25 cents cheaper than Family Dollar.

Bear in mind, it compares advertised specials.  If your local competitor is cheaper, but it's not an advertised special, it won't necessarily pick it up and give you the savings.  There is a button to click if they have missed a deal, so you can disagree with the results.

The other two found me .19 and $6.27 respectively.

Where did I save the most money?  On the receipt where I earned a credit of $6.27, the items were mostly snacks.  Lucky Charms cereal bars netted me .50 because they were on sale at Giant.  A freezer lunch meal for hubby got me .69 back because it was on sale at Safeway.  Lunchables meals earned me back .74 each because they were on sale at Food Lion.  The big Hershey bar I bought for S'mores netted me back .97 because it was on sale at Walgreens.

I don't live in a big city.  It's a very small town and Safeway is over 30 miles away, as are Giant and Walgreens.  The ability to get price matched to stores not conveniently located to me is very nice.  I had expected to be only price matched to Food Lion, as that's the only grocery chain that's within a quick drive. So getting money back for price comparisons to stores that aren't in my immediate neighborhood was a pleasant surprise.

How about you?  How are your Walmart Savings Catcher results coming in?  Please share what you're saving and what you're saving it on!

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