Thursday, February 12, 2015

Have you seen: MCR Cards at select Coke Vending Machines

I haven't seen much talk about the new  MCR Card program (began January 20 and runs through end of 2015) that will reward users with things like 11th drink free and 30 MCR points

The FAQ (linked above) states that MCR Cards (though you can also use a downloadable app) will be available at specific vending machines and that these machines will have specific markings denoting that they're MCR machines.  You swipe your card before making a purchase (similar to a store loyalty card like at CVS) and after your 10th purchase, your 11th will be free.  Under this option, losing your loyalty card would be a bad thing, as you will lose your points.

The app will work a little differently in that when you tap your app at the machine, you'll earn 3 MCR points for purchase.

You don't have to be an MCR member to use this service, but it does say in the FAQ that there will be "additional benefits" if you link your account with your MCR card.  Linking your MCR card with your MCR account will net you 30 bonus MCR points (one-time).  30 MCR points = free drink.

The only place I've seen an MCR machine was on vacation at Ocean City, MD.  I'll be looking at the pop machines in my area for some type of signage as states that, "...The vending loyalty program leverages this existing network, while enhancing its value by providing some 20,000 physical redemption locations for MCR members who prefer instant free product rewards vs. online redemption."  So it looks like they are upgrading machines and maybe, just maybe, there will be one near you soon!

Have you seen a machine in your burg?  Please let us know where you've found it.  The one I saw last summer was in Ocean City, MD at a beach entrance.
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