Friday, February 06, 2015

Yarn available on - Red Heart Super Saver as low as $2.87

I was really bummed that quit carrying a lot of the yarn I had previously been able to ship to store for free --- they had a decent online selection and the price made it worth it to order online and just pick up or have my hubby do so for me.

I was a little excited to see that does have a lot of the Red Heart Super Saver that you can buy under the add-on program.  If you're a Prime member, you need only spend $25 to get it to ship and if not, then you are under the $35 order rule.  It does say that the add-on items can be added up to exceed the $25 or $35 rule.

For me, as a Prime member, says...

Some prices vary, but you can drop down the menu and search for different colors.  I saw many that were $2.87, which is pretty much in line with Walmart store prices.  However, you may find that online there's a better selection and being able to buy what you need and have it all shipped to you is very convenient versus finding one color at Walmart and another at AC Moore or Michael's (or hoping for a sale somewhere).

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