Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Michelin Tire Rebate 2015: $70 Mastercard Reward card wyb 4

Do you need new tires before winter snow begins to fly?  It's supposed to be a rough winter this year from what I've heard.  Now through September 27, Michelin has an offer out that gives you a $70 rebate via a Mastercard Reward card when you buy four (4) new passenger or light truck tires from a specified dealer and submit your rebate. 

Go here to get more details and to find a specified dealer (denoted with a "Special Offer" next to the retailer in a round green dot). You must purchase at a dealer who is listed with the special offer denotation or you will not qualify for the rebate.  Note:  You may not find a participating dealer near you.  You may need to travel to a larger city. 
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