Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Finding Giveaways on Twitter

Twitter can be a great place to find giveaways to enter.  A lot of brands offer Twitter only sweeps and blog-run giveaways often offer an extra entry for tweeting out a link that includes the giveaway URL.

Here are some tips you can try to find contests on Twitter to enter!

Know your Hashtags:  Hashtags are a great way to track down giveaways.  Try searching for these:

#giveaway or #giveaways

Also:  Check out the trending list.  Many bloggers are affiliated with companies and host Twitter Parties.  If a party is running, jump in and you may actually win a prize.  With #AmazonGiveaway, you'll find contests on Amazon to enter.  Anyone can run their own Amazon giveaway and a lot of bloggers and authors use this as a method to draw in their readers by offering a chance to win a prize. 

Low entries:   Bloggers running contests will heavily promote underperforming giveaways.  So enter "low entries" into the search bar on Twitter to find contests that aren't as popular, which may give you an edge to winning the prize.

Search for what you want to win:   Do you have a special prize in mind?  Try searching win ____ and see what turns up. Gift cards are a popular item to be given away, so searching for "win gift card" should turn up a fair number of results.  Many times, all you need to do is follow the brand and retweet to get your chance to win.  

Follow bloggers who run a lot of giveaways:  Super popular bloggers tend to run a lot of giveaways and promote them all across their social media accounts.  Be sure to follow bloggers who are always giving away a lot of prizes or tweet out links to their lists that collate giveaways.

Follow your favorite brands, too:   Following your favorite brands closely, especially during peak seasons such as holiday times, can lead you to a cool giveaway to enter also.  

Do you have any winning tips?  If so, please share!

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