Thursday, January 14, 2016

DIY Rice Sock/Heat Pad (cost of just a few dollars)

Achy neck?  You can buy a rice moist heat pad for around $20.  They're nice!  But you can also make one yourself for just a few dollars and a sewing machine.  Don't have a sewing machine?  You can hand sew, but it will take a little more of your time.  I whipped one up for my daughter's friend, who has been experiencing tension type headaches and she loves it.  She even named it.  Teenagers!   My daughter has now put in a request for me to make one for her.  These are a cheap and easy gift to make for family or friends.

What you'll need:

  • 1 clean, new dish towel.  Nothing too thin, nothing too thick.  These are awesome to pick up on clearance after holidays.  Do not use a used one because grease residue may be present.  I've seen some folks use a sturdy, long tube sock.  These you would just sew shut on the end.  Often you can find these for $1 - $2 at Walmart.
  • 1 bag of rice.  I recommend the cheapest white rice you can buy at Walmart.  Get a bag that's got at least 2 pounds as when you add rice, it's going to be a personal preference thing.  Some dish towels are a little wider than others and you'll need enough rice that it will fill it at least half way.  This gives room for you to move the rice from side to side to ensure even heat.  You should be able to spend no more than $2 to get the amount of rice you need provided you buy generic.
  • Sewing machine or alternatively, a sewing kit.

Dish towel:  Fold it hot dog style (length wise) with the inside showing.  You will match up the seams and sew across the short end and then up the length.  This mean 2/3 of your seams will not be seen once you turn it right side out.  Fill pouch about half full with rice and then sew the final side shut. 

Tube sock:  Fill about half way full and then sew it shut on the end.

Heating in the microwave:  Every microwave is different.  If you over heat the rice bag, it will burn!  Microwave times will vary by microwave and personal preference.  Time may also vary due to thickness of your material used.  Start at lower times until you find the sweet spot.  Do not over heat because it is a fire hazard.  If you smell rice burning, it's not a good thing!
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