Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ibotta app: Any brand rebates great way to save on groceries

I sat in my car after running into the bank to cash a check and pulled up my Ibotta app.  I was heading to the grocery store and wanted to make sure I had unlocked all of the rebates that would be for things that I was planning to buy or might be a good deal.  There were some staples I was needing  to buy and new things get added periodically.
Want any brand rebates? Image above is link to Ibotta!
The following items that I bought each had a .25 rebate on them.  Any brand! 

Shredded cheese
Pasta sauce

I bought store brand milk, shredded cheese, and eggs.  I bought one onion, one small package of carrots, and one head of broccoli tops. 

That's an easy $1.75 back for this week that didn't require me to purchase certain products.  It may not seem like a lot, but over time, these savings can definitely add up. 

Ibotta often has rebate offers on any brand products that you'd buy anyway.  Currently, there's a .25 rebate out on any bacon, any laundry detergent, any red peppers, any veggie dip, any white granulated sugar (one pound or larger) that I haven't used or won't use.

I've seen rebates on bananas, ice cream, frozen vegetables, cereal, orange juice, and more.  If you have a coupon too, even better.  But the idea is that you'll save money on things that you might regularly purchase anyway and even on things like produce that typically do not have coupons.

It's easy to do -- just link your store loyalty cards up if you have a grocery store that uses those.  For my Walmart shopping, I just scan my QR at the bottom like I do for their Savings Catcher.  On the app, select the rebates you want to unlock (at home over wifi will save your data, as some require a quick video to watch) and then go shopping. 

Join today and start saving!  Once you reach the $20 threshold, you can claim your money back with PayPal or save up toward a gift card.


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