Saturday, January 09, 2016

Recyled/upcycled knitting yarn from old sweaters

Don't throw that ruined sweater away.
I've seen more and more talk in the knitting/crocheting community about recycled/upcycled knitting yarn reclaimed from sweaters.  Basically the premise is that you re-use the yarn from an old sweater by unraveling it and using it for another project. 

This is particularly useful when you have more expensive yarn tastes than your budget would normally allow.  In fact, I've seen plenty of folks on Etsy who reclaim yarn and list it for sale. Natural fibers like cotton, angora, and cashmere are expensive, so grabbing that sweater from the Goodwill rack for 2 or 3 bucks can save you money or at least make possible your dream of a cashmere scarf that you could knit yourself at a fraction of the cost.

You could reclaim knitting/crocheting yarn for donation, too.  Lots of knitters and crocheters at a retirement home or nursing home would appreciate your donations since they are on fixed incomes and likely can't afford (or get to a yarn store) yarn on a regular basis unless someone brings it to them.

Over at My Virtual Sanity, there's a very helpful blog post if you have ever considered this idea.  I have an angora sweater I bought cheap at a Goodwill and did not notice the hole in it until I got home.  It was only a few dollars, so I will deconstruct it as it is a gorgeous lilac color.  Maybe mittens?  A scarf?  A hat?  I'm not sure just yet.

Here's an interesting video to watch of a retired gentleman who has a love for expensive yarn, but not the money to indulge... until he hit the thrift shops!

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