Thursday, January 14, 2016

Showtime free preview weekend January 15-18, varies by provider (2016)

Showtime has a free preview weekend coming up, but dates will depend on your provider, and whether or not they are participating.  Check to see if anything good is going to be on and set your DVR to record for later viewing if you can't watch this weekend.  The link below also carries links to their schedule so you can see what's upcoming this weekend.

According to the Showtime free preview website, the following providers are participating:

AT&T = 1/16 to 1/18
Comcast = 1/16 to 1/18
Dish = 1/16 to 1/18
Hulu = 1/16 to 1/18
Suddenlink = 1/16 to 1/18

Cable One = 1/15 to 1/18
Century Link = 1/15 to 1/18
Cox = 1/15 to 1/18
DirecTV = 1/15 to 1/18
Mediacom = 1/15 to 1/18
RCN = 1/15 to 1/18
Verizon = 1/15 to 1/18

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