Monday, February 29, 2016

My Coke Rewards: Commonly searched questions

I've been a member of My Coke Rewards for years and thus know most of the ins and outs of the program.  I recently took a look at blog traffic stats and found out which queries were leading folks to my site in the quest for information.  Here are the top questions about My Coke Rewards that people want to know.

Coke Rewards Weekly Limit/How Many Coke Points Can You Enter  Folks want to know what the weekly limit is.  As of this writing, it's only 75 points.  That does not include any bonus codes that might be out at any given time.  Unfortunately, unless you have 25 cap codes sitting around, you probably won't hit 75 exactly.  Last night I entered seven 12 pack codes and one cap code for a total of 73 points.  Which leads me to the next burning question...

When Does the Week Reset for Coke Rewards  Also searched for is when the week resets.  The rules indicate that the week begins 12:00 AM Eastern each Monday and ends at 11:59 PM on the following Sunday.  So if you enter your codes on a Sunday night like I did yesterday, you can enter more on the Monday following.  However, if you are maxed out at 75 and a bonus code comes out, you may not be able to enter it.  This has happened in the past to some folks.  It's better to leave a little wiggle room and enter the last code at the end of the week before the roll over.

Free Coke Rewards/Coke Rewards Code  We're all in search of a freebie!  These pop up from time to time and not on a set schedule.  If I learn of a free code, I'll let you know.  If your friends and family aren't collecting, you can always ask them to save codes for you.  I've even heard of folks on litter patrol who collect caps that way or have a bin near the recycleables at work for co-workers to deposit their caps.

Also look for special offers listed on My Coke Rewards site.  Through 3/31/16, if you're not a Southwest Rapid Rewards member, you can sign up for it via MCR and earn a 100 point bonus.

Coke often partners with other companies and offers high bonus codes for joining.  If eligible, check your email.  My code came right away.

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