Saturday, February 20, 2016

Recyclebank coupons: Save on groceries, treats, or other services

You may not be aware of a site called Recyclebank.  The site is devoted to living green and recycling and you can earn points by viewing slide shows and other activities.  These points accrue and you can trade them in for coupons on things you can use.

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Your local coupons will vary by market.  If you live in a larger city, you will most likely have a lot more choices than me in my podunk county.  For instance, my sister-in-law who lives in a major city has a choice to claim a $10 off $100 coupon to a local grocery chain.  The cost in points is very minimal.  In fact, you could spend a few minutes now and probably earn enough for a coupon if one were available in your area.  To check, you just click on rewards and then local and type in your zip code to see what pops up.  For me, it shows a $2 coupon off a movie ticket, for instance. 

Also in the rewards right now is a full value movie ticket, but you'll need 2,500 points.  Magazines are also available.  For instance, Food Network magazine 2 year subscription for 240 points.  Points are easy to rack up, particularly if you're new to the site.

Coupons come by mail, so be sure to plan ahead.  You can redeem for one like coupon per month.  

What do you think?  It's an easy program and a great way to learn, earn, and save some money by using points for coupons or offers you can use.

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