Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Subway says goodbye to $5 foot long, now $6

If you had that earworm "5 dollar foot long. Any, any, any..." from Subway stuck in your head, well, it's time to bid it adieu!  Last week the company announced that they were no longer offering the $5 foot long, effective February 4th, but instead were raising the price to $6 due to market conditions.

Twitter screengrab of price jump announcement
Breaking news, indeed!  Probably not the best way to announce a price increase.  Fan backlash was pretty rough.

If that extra buck is a tough pill to swallow, make sure you scour your Sunday coupon inserts to look for coupons.  I recently received home mailers with coupons on them as well.  And my local store was recently offering a free 6 inch with a  $25 purchase of a gift card.  Be sure to sign up for offers via email here as well.

There's always Sheetz!  If you are lucky enough to have a Sheetz nearby, they have great MTOs.

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