Thursday, March 03, 2016

Save on frozen foods at Dollar Tree

You might not think of Dollar Tree when it comes to shopping for frozen foods.  But if you work your way back through the aisles of cheap snacks and shampoos, you might just find a bargain on frozen food.

My local store routinely stocks Dad's ice cream bars.  There are 5 per box and I love them.  They're a throwback to my childhood that I can't get at any of the other local stores.  And they are $1 a box.

Also $1 a box is a 4-pack box of Luigi's Italian Ice.  My hubby loves these and it's cheaper for me to pick them up at Dollar Tree than anywhere else.

Frozen fruit is a $1 per bag.  This is a great savings if you're into fruit smoothies.

Most of what I see in the freezer section is name brand products.  Things like frozen wraps, pizza, fish sticks, etc.

Since everything's a dollar (or less) at Dollar Tree, if you don't like it, you haven't wasted much money by trying a new brand.

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