Tuesday, April 19, 2016

$10.99/month for Amazon Prime membership, $8.99 a month for streaming only

Amazon is now offering it's Amazon Prime membership at a monthly rate of $10.99/month if you aren't ready to commit to the $99 annual fee all at once, according to an AP news article that I found on Yahoo. 

They are also offering Prime Video service for $8.99/month which does not include enhanced Prime benefits such as the free two-day shipping, book lending, etc.  If you are just interested in video streaming, $8.99/mo is competitive with Netflix given their impending price hike (of $2 more, or making it $9.99 a month) if you were grandfathered in at the lower rate when the last hike was announced.  Hulu is a dollar less.  For cord cutters, even opting for all 3 would save a lot over their cable/satellite dish bill.


To run some numbers....

$10.99 x 12 = $138.88/year  vs. $99/year membership all at once means that paying monthly for the full Amazon Prime will cost you an extra almost $40.  $99 a year is $8.25 per month.

I can foresee folks going monthly to get their holiday shopping done and then dropping the service afterward.

$8.99 x 12 = $107.88 per year vs. $99/year means that you will be paying an extra $11 to go with just the video watching.  It might just be worth it to save up for the $99 or bite the bullet so that you can cash in on the other Prime benefits such as book lending, the Kindle First free book each month, free shipping, early access to deals, etc.

Ready to commit?   

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

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