Friday, April 08, 2016

Busy times and slacking on blog updates, plus cute cat picture!

It's been a busy few weeks here!  Life gets in the way and then things like blogging fall by the wayside a bit.  But I'm hoping to get back to more regular postings.

Before Easter, we got some very bad news about one of our cats.  We'd had him to the vet for horrible breath and not being himself in March, but the vet didn't think anything was amiss.  Then, two weeks after that, I had him back there because he was losing weight and really not himself and got the awful news that he had kidney failure and we had just days left.  It was heartbreaking.  I spent that last week crying over my cat and trying to make life better for him.  He passed away just before Easter.

Sis, get're squishing me!
We had been cruising by the adoption section of Petco fairly regularly even before we lost our cat.  We were close to a decision of adopting another cat (meaning I had my hubby mostly convinced), but he was adopted before we could apply.  We'd seen a pair of black kittens (bigger kittens, not itty bitty ones, these ones are 9 months old) before there and they rotated back.  I couldn't stand the thought of them being separated (and one person had expressed interest in just one of them, I later found out.  She decided to go with a younger black kitten so our two could stay together because she didn't want them separated either).

So, just over a week after losing our cat, we adopted the set.  The rescue group was over the moon happy that these two could stay together.  It just felt right, you know?  You can love and miss a feline friend and honor their memory by saving another cat.  Our original pair of siblings were rescues, too. And judging from the female's pipsqueaking cries when her brother is out of sight, it was the right decision.  I can't imagine how much worse it would be if they were adopted to different homes.

They are so similar that we ended up putting collars on them so we can tell them apart (and, you know, call them the right name!)  Arleigh is the female and Nimitz is the male.  They were rescued from a Navy base, so it makes perfect sense to us to keep the original rescuers monikers for these two balls of energy.

So now, we are earning their trust!  They're a little skittish, but warming up and starting to play near us and hopping up to where we are for affection.  Our other cat doesn't seem to miss his littermate, though I thought he might.  Honestly, in retrospect, he distanced himself once his brother started acting sick and, well, smelling really bad.  He was a bit more clingy for the first week after his buddy died, but these kittens seem to be turning out to be good companions for him so far.
No cat fights!  We did towel them all down with the same towel to make them all smell the same, so I think that helped.

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