Friday, April 08, 2016

Chatterbox opportunities round up! HP Ink, books, diapers, and beauty products.

I've posted about these before and I hope my readers take advantage of them!  Chatterbox is a part of House Party where you don't have to, you know, host a party to try out new products.  Personally, I'm not what I'd call a party animal with oodles of friends to invite over.  I'm more of a rather have 4 quarters than a hundred pennies type of person when it comes to friends.  The joys of introversion!

Anyways, there are a few opps that you can apply for on Chatterbox.  I've grabbed some images from their website for illustrative purposes below.  There's no guarantee you'll be selected, but give it a shot if it's a product that you would like to try.  Obviously, the more slots that are open, the better chance you have of being selected.  You can sign up for Chatterbox by going here and completing sign up.

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