Monday, June 19, 2017

Sheetz free coffee with gas is back... or fountain drink!

I spotted this sign at my local Sheetz the other night when I was gassing up to take my 16 year old out driving for her permit requirements.

How it worked was I pumped gas, moved my car to a parking spot (HUGE pet peeve is when people clog up the pumps and don't courteously move their cars, but I digress...), and got a fountain drink instead of coffee.  I took it to the register, scanned my Sheetz card as per the usual to pay for the other things I bought, and all the cashier did was tear off part of my receipt and hand the rest back to me.  Granted, it is a great way to get you into the store for impulse buys, but a free drink is a free drink.

This Sheetz was located in Virginia.  YMMV! 

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