Sunday, July 23, 2017

Office Depot less than dollar back to school deals 7/23

Office Depot does have some cheap school supplies, so between there and Staples, you should be able to pick up some good bargains and have extra to send in part way through the year.

15 cents each - 2-pocket folders, limit 10.  Personally, I don't think paper lasts, but you may need these.

25 cents each - beveled pink erasers, limit 3 (cap erasers are 50 cents at Staples this week)

50 cents each - Office Depot brand pens, limit 3

25 cents each - Office Depot composition notebooks, limit 3 (these are also on sale at Staples, but for 50 cents each, limit 30)

50 cents each - Office Depot poly envelopes

75 cents each - Scholastic brand crayons (24 pack)

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