Sunday, July 23, 2017

50 cent back to school items at Staples (July 23-29)

Grab up some deals at Staples this week for just 50 cents each.  Here's the run down...

Staples brand 3x5 index cards
Staples brand dual pencil sharpener - limit 5
Staples brand college ruled composition notebook - limit 30
Staples brand cap erasers - limit 5
Staples brand college ruled filler paper - limit 5
Staples brand school glue
Staples brand #12 pencils - limit 5

Some of these items have limits, some don't.  Some you can get online, some you can pick up at the store using the website to purchase, and some you have to just head to the store.  Fun!  Good luck in your school supply shopping!  I hope you can get all the deals that you wanted to get.

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