Thursday, August 22, 2019

Shopkick: College students can earn money easily!

Recently, I sent my first child off to college.  One of the things that we went over were ways to save money since she would be relying on her summer job money for things she would need, instead of mom and dad's credit card.  I introduced my college student to Shopkick!

One of my favorite way to use Shopkick is scanning products in the store.  This is their way of introducing you to a product and the more you have it in your hands to scan, perhaps the more likely you are to buy it.  We did a lot of college dorm shopping, and if she was going to Walmart or Target with me, you bet she was going to be scanning products with Shopkick.  Over the course of a month, we were able to bank her up about $50 in Starbucks gift cards that we redeemed our kicks for.  Trust me, my college student will appreciate having the ability to buy herself a pink drinks throughout the semester.  We were able to scan and buy pencils, post-it notes (the .97 ones were free after kicks, basically, since you got 250 kicks back = $1 in value) and the scotch tape (also, single ones were under $1 and were also valued at 250 kicks).  I even found a few 8 packs of pencils for .48 that made them close to free after kicks with the 100 kicks that was awarded.

So now, if she is out and about, she is looking for things to scan and earn kicks so that she can help fund her Starbucks habit.  My son is old enough for the app now and wants to do it too so that he can get things that he wants.  He asked me to take him Shopkicking... to which his sister told him, "No.  That's a me and mommy thing!"

You also earn kicks from buying certain products and submitting your receipt, plus occasional videos.  You can link your card and get Kicks at specific stores as well for purchases and an awesome way to get Kicks is when there are walk-ins available.

Are you a poor college student interested in gift cards?  Take Shopkick for a whirl and earn your own money during the semester.

Download the app here:
My referral ID is KIND294190

If download using my referral link, let me know!  I want to know how you're using the app and liking it.

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