Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jingit checkins a total bust!

If you read or subscribe to frugal bloggers, you might have seen posts about Jingit.  Jingit is a site where you can earn money by watching ads, and, if you have a smart phone, earn cash for checking in (that is, scanning the upc of the product) in specific stores -- like Walmart.  You need to download the app, log in, and check for check ins local to you.

I downloaded and tried today at two different Walmarts to check in Krazy Glue.  There was a 50 cent premium for doing so, but I left without any jingle in my Jingit account.

First of all, it was near impossible for it to recognize that I was actually at the store and not half a mile away.  I kept getting screen telling me that I needed to be at the store and that I wasn't close enough.  Nevermind, I had the silly Krazy Glue in my hand.  I kept going back and clicking the check in button and finally got it to recognize that I was in the right place after all.  I then had trouble getting it to actually scan the upc because it then told me that it couldn't process right now --- sorry you won't be paid.  I fiddled with this a few more times and then it told me sorry, no check ins available for you.  (Funny, I didn't see anyone else scanning that product... hmmm....)  It barely gave me a chance to line up the upc before it scanned the upc.  I thought perhaps it was just missing the bar code, but I wasn't given more chances to try to scan it as it just decided that there were no more check ins.

Since that Walmart didn't have the water my husband likes, I went to another nearby Walmart.  I went through my app and saw the same Krazy Glue check in.  I again attempted to scan the product and met the same road blocks... first that I wasn't at a Walmart (this time it erroneously told me I was .7 miles away) and then finally it recognized that I was where I was (after doing a complete log out and re-logging into the app).  I was unable to scan the product because in between trying to get it to recognize where I was it then kept telling me there were no check-ins.  I had huge issues with slow log-in and then it going to blank screens.

If you've had a better experience with Jingit check ins, please share!  I may try to remove and re-download to see if that helps.  However, if I'm just going to get the run-around with the app, it's just not worth it to me. 


Emmi said...

Honestly I gave up on Jingit! I couldn't ever get it to work on my phone.

Bellesouth said...

I'm beginning to have doubts about Jingit as well. I can't find ANY videos to watch, and it would cost me more in gas than it's worth it to head to Walmart every day just to scan some Krazy Glue.

I never had any problems with them finding me; I find if you connect to wi-fi instead of 3G or 4G it's a LOT more accurate to locate you, and Walmart typically has free wi-fi.

I promoted them a couple of days ago on my own blog, but - meh, I don't know! This app looks super-exciting but just isn't delivering on its promise.

Anonymous said...

It works but here are a few tips, close all other programs on your phone. Turn on GPS prior to entering (my superwalmart has no wifi :/) this will help it get a bead on you. Today I had some trouble having it scan a mio so I just tried another bottle and it worked instantly. However I do agree that it is rare that these check ins are a quick and painless process as even with my nice high end smartphone there are occasional hiccups.

also here is a free $1 Mio ad. :)

Christine Kubert said...

I don't know why you had so much trouble with Jingit - I never have.

RE: Krazy glue check-in's = you have to be at the specific Wal-Mart that is listed under the product name and it will be the closest Wal-Mart to you. So that explains why you could not "check-in" at the second Wal-Mart (my guess anyway).

Maybe your "Location" services were not on - if you don't have your "Location" services for Jingit set to "on" (in settings) then how would you expect Jingit to pick up your signal.

Why not contact the Jingit people? I was having an issue with signing into Jingit through Facebook. So I sent them an email and got a response the very same day. Turns out, it was an issue with Facebook and not the Jingit people but they were extremely nice, puzzled about my issue and ready to help.

I don't make special trips to my Wal-Mart just to watch a Krazy Glue ad - I only do it when I'm there shopping.

The only thing I do not like about Jingit is it doesn't payout using PayPal

Jingit is on Facebook as well -

Anonymous said...

I've had great luck with it for the last month or so, but my gps is slow to recognize where I'm at sometimes. I haven't had problems scanning items, but my husband did one time. My problem is after making around $35, I haven't gotten a single check-in in a week and a half. I sent them an e-mail to see if they are still running, and they said they are still in beta testing, but you can always earn at for Elmer's Glue All, Elmer's glue Max, and Krazy Glue ....but how do I do that??? Someone tell me because I'm clueless.

Anonymous said...

I was in WalMart in my town of Mt Vernon, Illinois , and I was scanning the UPC's with Jingit and minding my own business, when the manager on duty accused me of taking pictures and told me pictures were not allowed. I said I was not taking pictures and showed him the program and that I was not taking any. He then said still not allowed, and said he would check into Jingit, I then said I can give you my phone number so you can call me back, he said no its alright, and proceeded to ask me what company I worked for since I was still in my security uniform. I filed a complaint on him with corporate, first off, why does the program say you can check in at the store by scanning the UPC on each item and get paid, yet this jagoff manager said I could not and met up with me at the front of the store like I was some criminal who stole something. This program is actually backed by Wal Mart and can not be used at any other chain store except Wal Mart, a simple google search will shed all the light on this program. I bet he singled me out because I was still in uniform, I know damn well people scan labels with QR readers all the time there.

Caren, A/K/A Pinching Abe said...

Oh my! I hope you receive an apology and he receives proper training about Jingit! It's a shame he had to treat you so poorly as it reflects negatively on their company as a whole. All he had to do was go to his own corporation's site, which he should have done.

Some retailers don't like you taking photos as they don't want you shopping their prices if you're a competitor.