Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jingit checkins a total bust!

If you read or subscribe to frugal bloggers, you might have seen posts about Jingit.  Jingit is a site where you can earn money by watching ads, and, if you have a smart phone, earn cash for checking in (that is, scanning the upc of the product) in specific stores -- like Walmart.  You need to download the app, log in, and check for check ins local to you.

I downloaded and tried today at two different Walmarts to check in Krazy Glue.  There was a 50 cent premium for doing so, but I left without any jingle in my Jingit account.

First of all, it was near impossible for it to recognize that I was actually at the store and not half a mile away.  I kept getting screen telling me that I needed to be at the store and that I wasn't close enough.  Nevermind, I had the silly Krazy Glue in my hand.  I kept going back and clicking the check in button and finally got it to recognize that I was in the right place after all.  I then had trouble getting it to actually scan the upc because it then told me that it couldn't process right now --- sorry you won't be paid.  I fiddled with this a few more times and then it told me sorry, no check ins available for you.  (Funny, I didn't see anyone else scanning that product... hmmm....)  It barely gave me a chance to line up the upc before it scanned the upc.  I thought perhaps it was just missing the bar code, but I wasn't given more chances to try to scan it as it just decided that there were no more check ins.

Since that Walmart didn't have the water my husband likes, I went to another nearby Walmart.  I went through my app and saw the same Krazy Glue check in.  I again attempted to scan the product and met the same road blocks... first that I wasn't at a Walmart (this time it erroneously told me I was .7 miles away) and then finally it recognized that I was where I was (after doing a complete log out and re-logging into the app).  I was unable to scan the product because in between trying to get it to recognize where I was it then kept telling me there were no check-ins.  I had huge issues with slow log-in and then it going to blank screens.

If you've had a better experience with Jingit check ins, please share!  I may try to remove and re-download to see if that helps.  However, if I'm just going to get the run-around with the app, it's just not worth it to me. 
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