Wednesday, June 16, 2010

J.C. Penney's $10 coupon (home mailer) and Socks

I couldn't let the $10 J.C. Penney coupon go to waste, so I forced myself to go into the mall today.  Granted, I get lost in the mall (not kidding) so I don't venture there very often.  How said is it to have a 5 year old directing you through the store, back to the exit where he's sure you parked the car?  But, I digress here.

I wandered the store for a long time.  At the mall nearest to me in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, men's has their own store front.  I know, that is just plain weird.  You would think that when they remodeled the mall fairly recently that they would have found a way to correct that.  You don't want to know how much time I spent the first time I went to J.C. Penney's, wandering around in vain before asking (exasperated) where the heck the men's clothes were, only to be directed to another part of the mall.  But, I digress again.

I couldn't find anything really good.  I'd just been to Sears to do their Spend $50, get $50 promo, so I had some nice dress shirts, ties and socks.  There's a sock monster and hubby complains *all the time* about not having any dress socks.  So, after spending a lot of time looking at garish t-shirts and dress shirts he didn't need, I finally spent that $10 coupon on.... more socks.  I know!  So original.  But really, I think he'll appreciate the plethora of socks he's getting on Father's Day.

So if you can't find anything good to spend your coupon on, there's always socks!  The ones I got were $12, so only $2 and change after coupon.
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