Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good things at Barnes & Noble - Nook promo, store pick up for books

As you may remember, I am a nook owner.  Well, technically it is registered to me, but lately (as in past two months) my nook has been taken over by my hubby.  It's ok (most of the time), but Barnes & Noble's Father's Day deal has got me wondering if I shouldn't just get him his own!

For a limited time, you can purchase nook either online or in stores (subject to store availability) and receive a $50 gift card with purchase.  The nook retails for about $250, so $50 back via a gift card is a nice discount.  Remember, too, that you can buy it with a credit card that offers rebates and the purchase should count.  I will caution you against Ebates in this instance, as in the past, the nook was exempted.

For those who still love the tactile feel of a book, you can order online and pick up and pay at the store in about one hour.  This is nice if you know exactly what you want and want to pick it up on your lunch break or when you are out running errands. 
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