Friday, July 30, 2010

Review of 5 Qt. Progressive International Collapsible Colander from CSN Stores

I recently made a purchase of a 5 quart collapsible colander from CSN Stores.  In case you weren't aware, CSN stores is a collection of over 200 stores that you can shop from at one site.

What did it look like?  Take a look at this picture from CSN Stores site:

What I really liked was that the blue middle that gives the colander its collapsibility was fairly stiff.  It was actually very stiff, but I am going to assume that it will loosen up as time passes with each use.  It is dishwasher safe - a big plus for me since I *hate* dishes with a passion.  

One thing that I wasn't sure about was that there are only holes at the bottom of the colander.  I normally would use my plastic colander, which has holes throughout.  However, after rinsing the spaghetti noodles in the Progressive International colander, I don't think that it was an issue.  The noodles rinsed just fine for me.

I love that it collapses because if you saw my kitchen cupboards, you would understand why.  I don't have a lot of elbow room under there (mainly because I keep too many pots, pans and cookie sheets...) so anything that stores more compactly is a big plus.  If you are thinking about a wedding gift for someone, this would be a nice thing to buy, mainly because it would fit well in a starter home or small apartment.

This colander cost $14.99 and I did pay shipping, though many items available via CSN Stores 200+ sites are free shipping.  I purchased another item at the same time, a cat carrier, so look for that review too!
Disclosure:  I received this item free by using a gift code provided to me by CSN stores to purchase a/an item(s) via their site to review here on Making Ends Meet.  Other than being able to obtain a product for free to review here, I was not otherwise compensated.

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