Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swag Bucks news (in case you missed it...)

If you missed the memo, Swag Bucks is now sending its gift codes much sooner than before.  Previously, we were sent our Amazon codes only twice a month (1st and 17th).  Now, they are coming out
10 to 14 days after you redeem them (sometimes sooner...)  I've redeemed for 5 total this month:

#1 Redeemed 7/1, received 7/8
#2 Redeemed 7/1, received 7/8
#3 Redeemed 7/2, received 7/9
#4 Redeemed 7/8, received 7/15

So, we're looking at a 7 day spread, not too shabby!  I'm expecting #5 on the 21st or thereabouts.  I like this much better than just getting them twice a month.  I was just a little short of having the money in my Amazon account to redeem for a music CD to send to my favorite sister-in-law, and I had one post that was available for use.  She'll be rockin' to The Dogma Dogs sometime next week.

I also noticed several videos available to me to watch.  EMC, Dentyne and Victoria's Secret videos were all there for me today for 1 Swag Buck each.  Caution:  That Victoria's Secret video was about as graphic as that infamous PETA video with people loving up the veggies, remember that one?  If you have a teen boy, don't watch that video with them there.  I do like Victoria's Secret underwear, don't get me wrong, but if you want ME to buy it, I don't want to see a woman tugging at her underwear.  I'm a woman, I already know what's hiding underneath!
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